James Diaz

Give it here

For you
the extra mile 
the long talk
the last sip 
all I have 
and then some 

move em

forget the world
here is a hand
that knows 
the dirt 
the blood 
lost to blood 

for you 
the very last mile 
bullets from every direction 
the hardest part 
the very last bite 
the other shoe 

this back; climb

I hear them down below
sayin; just jump already
they don’t even live in the same world as us

whatever it is
give it here
I’ve got you

whoever you are
reading this 
right now

when your night is long
and you can’t shorten the distance 
between your hand and your heart 
I’ll do what I can 
to see you through it

I want to see you through it. 

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