Introducing DeepSNAKES, the new collaborative AI multimedia literary project from Karina Bush (writer and Fourth Industrial Revolution Slut) and Daniel Harlow (writer and founder of Fugitives & Futurists). Visit our YouTube channel for our first drop: To experience these pieces as intended please ensure you are watching at the highest picture quality possible, if you are accessing the link through Instagram or Twitter you may need to select ‘higher picture quality’.

#HACKREALITY (Karina and Daniel) – join transhumanists KoKo and Danny as they document their search for the fountain of eternal youth on social media:  

Written and produced by Karina and Daniel.

DIONYSUS IN DIGITAL (Karina) – after a long absence, the great god Dionysus finally returns to the world stage, this time battling for dominance on YouTube:  

Written and produced by Karina. Visuals created with AI.

META-MASOCHISM (Daniel) – this Venus is draped not in furs but in fingers. She knows the depth of your depravity and is ready to hold your hand as you explore it together: 

Written and produced by Daniel. Visuals created with AI.

NPC TANKS (Karina and Daniel) – do you want to relieve the pain of existence? Visit this link for more information: 

Written and produced by Karina and Daniel. Visuals created with AI.

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Also follow us on Twitter @DeepSNAKESai where we will be dropping some Twitter-only videos such as CCP TECHNO FUN NIGHTMARE EXPERIMENT in which, thanks to AI, we can show exclusive footage of China’s sperm milking facilities that were recently exposed by Dr. Jordan Peterson. 

Love and light from Karina and Daniel




Travis Black

Travis J. Black (He/Him) is a gay poet, writer and visual artist living in Michigan. His work has appeared in Peeking Cat PoetryBlack Poppy ReviewThe Sirens CallThe Chamber Magazine and the 200th Anniversary book Determined Hearts: A Frankenstein Anthology. His work often explores the mysterious, imaginative and liminal spaces that exist between identity, sexuality and being.

Instagram: @travisjblack 

Pat & Mac – Flesheater

Pat & Mac consists of multi instrumentalist Pat Durkin and his Mac computer. Pat produces all of the music completely DIY, with an influence from horror movie and video game soundtracks as well as classic rock, synth pop, and heavy metal.

Pat just dropped a new video and single, Flesheater, from his upcoming album Impost3r Syndrom3. This is the second collaboration Pat has done with Sean Bayles of BaylesDSGN who directed the video and filmed all of the stop motion.

Flesheater is available on all streaming platforms as a single and will be available on Bandcamp in the spring when Impost3r Syndrom3 drops at Fans can also sign up for the mailing list at

Pat & Mac post daily on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, all @patandmacmusic.


Michael Devine

Michael Devine is a self taught artist and writer from Detroit. Bingo Cards to Offend Humanity came about when he came into possession of 500 vintage bingo cards right at the beginning of the covid lockdown. He found they were perfect little canvases for mixed media collage. Planning to do just a handful, the plague did not recede, and in a few frenzied months of isolation he had finished all 500. Using unique source material that was often graphic, funny, and disturbing, many of the cards are truly offensive to humanity — but in a good way. You can see many more posted here:

Bill Wolak

Erotic Self Distancing Deep in a Tunnel 

Bill Wolak has just published his eighteenth book of poetry entitled All the Wind’s Unfinished Kisses with Ekstasis Editions.  His collages and photographs have appeared recently in the 2020 International Festival of Erotic Arts (Chile), 2020 Seattle Erotic Art Festival, the 2020 Dirty Show in Detroit, the 2020 Rochester Erotic Arts Festival, the 2018 Montreal Erotic Art Festival, and Naked in New Hope 2018.

Social Distancing Under a Bridge

Death Is Free

The Unrivaled Relaxation of René Magritte’s Flotation Tank

Enticed By the Thirst of Bells

The Sudden Perplexity of Arousal

Dazzled By the Unexpected

The Green Tattoo

Smooth As the Mirror’s Polished Skin

Claudio Parentela

Born in Catanzaro, Italy, Claudio Parentela (1962) is a painter, illustrator, photographer, cartoonist, collagist, mail artist and freelance journalist. Active many years in the international contemporary art scene, he has collaborated with many zines, magazines of contemporary art, literary publications and comics from Italy and around the world. His obscure and crazy artworks have been showcased in many galleries. For a full listing of his appearances and publications, please see his website at


Stranger Than Kindness, By Nick Cave


Canongate Books, 276 pages

Nick Cave changed my life when I first discovered him, sometime back in the mid-90s, by which point he’d already built a career spanning decades and the musical landscape I perceived at the time was growing ever more bleaker by the second. Personally, I’m still with him where he stated, “I’m forever near a stereo saying, ‘What the fuck is this garbage?’ And the answer is always the Red Hot Chili Peppers.” Still, the younger, saltier Cave of that era now seems a far cry removed from the older, more mellowed version of today, and the two of them finally chance to meet within the pages and on the cover of this gorgeously intimate book.

Cataloguing a lifetime’s worth of writing, artwork, and various other artifacts from Cave’s childhood through this present day, Stranger Than Kindness represents a selection of pieces from the exhibit of the same name, which finally opened last month at the Royal Danish Library in Copenhagen. For those unable to attend, I would highly recommend this book for the insights it provides into the life and works of its subject.

—Arthur Graham, Editor in Chief