Arthur Willhelm

We Are a Ghost

Under summer skies,
with the sun licking our
faces, I realized you
didn’t make me happy,
and I didn’t make you smile anymore,
there is someone out there
that can make you laugh,
but it isn’t me,
there is someone out there
that can make me happy
and it isn’t you, time is a bitch,
but a beautiful one,
I will never take for
granted the good times,
but the bad times,
they slowly killed us,
and while you were out
finding your greener grass,
I found mine,
so let the onlookers mourn,
because we’ve been dead for a while.


Tohm Bakelas

I Never Knew That Church Could Be Rewarding

I’m sitting in church
while women around me
talk about birth
their dilation
and whether
anything ripped
they don’t seem to
care that
I am here
listening in

I’m sitting in church
thinking about Oswald
and the CIA
while women talk about
and how
long it took
their vaginas
to heal
after giving birth

I’m sitting in church
with a pending divorce
listening to women
of neglectful husbands
while I am fully erect
looking at panty and thong lines
on the seams
of tight black
yoga pants

I’m sitting in church
not for holy reasons
but with purpose of
my daughter for school
while nations are arming
nuclear weapons
banks are opening
and vegetables are
being stocked

I’m sitting in church
watching a woman bend over
exposing green panties
and soon bare ass
as her pants slide down
while another adjusts
her breasts in a concealed bra
and on the US-Mexico border
families are tear-gassed
and the pyramids of Egypt stand tall

I’m sitting in church
taking in all the action
wondering how the luck arrived
feeling much better
about things
feeling much better
than I have
in a long time

Angelica Arsan


Spreading its petals
Your flower
Wet chalice
Pouring nectar
On my fingers
Drenching me
With your sweet
Poisonous juice

Hands like roots
Sucking sap through the skin
Thirsty tongues
Drinking spring
from each other’s

Breathing it
Oozing it

Flowing out of us

Our dirty

Our filthy

Chris Butler

The Dark Side

The dark side of me
hides from the bright side of daylight,
imprinting a pale face
against the drawn shades.

As dark as a demon
cowering in the corner of the achy attic,
bloodshot reddish eyes
is the only sign of life.
Sunburnt by supernova
galaxies lightyears of lifetimes away
eclipsed by crescent moons
as the crowd inside boos.

The dark side of me
screams in my only hour of sleep
and stains the sheets
during lucid dreams.

Being me isn’t being myself.

Winter Zakalwe

Dr. Seuss Wearing Black Eyeliner and a Corset

Remember in all of your raging and strife
That hurting is often the main theme of life

Oh, we will cry fiercely against death and shout
Spilling hot blood, tearing fingernails out

Because, we claim later, there’s beauty and pleasure
As though they each came in fair, equal measure

As though we shall not all one day release
life, love, and promise to make agony cease

And this knowledge of ending can set our hearts free
But, it’s a gentle, wise thing, not so easy to see

I’m sorry if this makes you feel weak, sad, or small
I speak just for myself, and for you, and us all

Marc Carver


I took all my sports stuff to the car
by mistake I picked up a pair of her knickers.

One of the few clean pairs
then I forgot all about them.

A few days later I came out of the gym
and there they were still on the floor of the car.

I grabbed them and hung them on the mirror
they sway back and forth as I drive around.

If she asks me I can say I wanted something
to remind me of you

Talking Shit and Doing The Funky Chicken

Marcel Herms talking shit cover

Holy&Intoxicated Publications is pleased to announce “Talking Shit and Doing The Funky Chicken”, the latest from John D. Robinson and Catfish McDaris!

Cover art by Marcel Herms

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Big Asshole
Catfish McDaris

Porterhouse waited for Toni to get
Her first wax job, she finally drove up.
“How did it go?”
“It wasn’t too bad, feel my face.”
“Nice and smooth, how much?”
“$32 plus a $7 tip.”
“Damn, $39. How often are you suppose
to go? Every other month. They should
do your entire body for that price.”
Toni threw her hands up in the air
exacerbated. She gave Port the mean
eye, then grabbed the phone. “Is this
The Wax Hive? Do you do assholes,
because my man is a big one?”


Not Wanted
John D. Robinson

We arrived at the police station,
we stank of a 4 day riot of booze,
hash and assorted outlawed
drugs and we were in no mood
to be fucked-about with:
‘Let me see now’ said the
front-desk officer, looking
down at some paperwork:
‘And who are you in relation?’
he asked:
‘I’m his son’ I replied, my
friend was still incapable
of speech and stood smiling:
‘Okay and you’re going to
take him home, out of our
town and back to his
own town’ he asked:
‘Yes sir’ I barked:
15 minutes later he was
released without charge,
he was singing lines from
‘Folsom Prison’ as he
shadow-boxed his way
into the streets of a
town he wasn’t
wanted in.

Joseph VanBuren

She Visits When I Am Vulnerable

In moonless night
I feel her
mounting me,
straddling me with warm thighs,
laying her sex upon mine.
Hands on my chest.
I expand in the places she touches,
breathing deeper,
heart beating faster
under her stroke.
Both hands reach out
into the darkness
and contour her curves
until I have two handfuls of ass.
She begins to grind
against my diamond shaft.
I exhale my pleasure,
leaning my head back.
My hands slide up her back
and eventually find her
She bites,
teeth sinking into the meat of my neck.
Despite the lack of pain
I try to scream,
but my mouth opens so slowly
no sound comes out. Only blood,
pouring from the wound,
coating me with warmth,
drowning me in the ecstasy
of inescapable agony,
a slow-motion symphony,
tantric in this lucid limbo.
And finally,
after four lifetimes of impending doom,
I open my eyes and

A. Theist

For Mother

I think my mother is mad at me.

I mean,
I get it,
I suppose.
I am the biggest she ever had.

She took all 9 pounds and
18 inches of me.
The room was full of men
and women
wearing masks
and rubber gloves.
They watched on
as I assaulted
her hole
for 20 hours straight,
no break.

I sucked her tits,
and she fingered.

We continued
with the tits and
the fingering
for a few years,
but that was it.
I never fucked her again.
Just the one time.

I don’t even answer the phone
when she calls.