Shot by Baker: Julz

Shot on location in Waikiki, Hawaii

To be a mother is to be a warrior!

First and foremost she is a mother of three, personal assistant, runs her own businesses, and is a model, traveller, and motivator well known in the creative industry. How does she do it? Julz gave me some tips while we ventured in a hired convertible and chose spots around the island of Waikiki, Oahu for our shoot, ending the day with drinks and an equally gorgeous sunset.


SbB: When did you know a career in beauty was for you?
L: I’ve always had an interest of beauty/make-up. As young as 4 years old; I remember standing in front of the beauty section and would not move until my mum brought me make-up.
While I was studying beauty therapy, I had an international make-up artist recommended to pursue further into make-up.

SbB: What prompted you to becoming a freelance beautician and masseuse?
L: When my dermatologist consultation was not sufficient enough for me. My curiosity gained a perfect opportunity to educate others of their self-worth and care.

SbB: Today’s woman is busier than ever. You’re a prime example! What is the easiest/quickest way to turn a day/work look into something that works for night out?
L: Glam eyes (darkening the outer corners of your eyes) and red lipstick.

SbB: How do you approach a style-conscious women of “a certain age” who wish to remain current but fear looking as if they’re trying too hard. What are some comfort-zone-friendly ways to rock the latest trends?
L: Go subtle; use natural tone colours and false eye lashes.

SbB: Speaking of age appropriateness, let’s consider the flip-side. Is there an age you, as a makeup-artist and mother, consider too soon for girls to begin wearing makeup on a regular basis?
L: I believe from 17 years old is reasonable on a regular basis.
Teenagers need to preserve their youthful skin.
Unless you do dancing and have an exceptional skincare regime.

SbB: Currently, what are your favorite beauty trends?
L: Bold; defined eyebrows and flawless bronzed skin.

SbB: What three makeup item should no woman leave home without?
L: Moisturiser, brow promenade and lipgloss.

SbB: Come the weekend, what’s your favourite thing to do?
L: If I am not working; my favourite thing is to stay in bed as long as possible with my partner listening to me snore.

Shot by Baker: Miss Dea Capri

The World is Her Oyster

Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Dea is a pocket rocket with attitude… and elegance. A fish out of water some may say. Whilst her Oriental looks will distract you, her German accent will intrigue you. Working 9-5 was only holding the now-travelling freelance model down. Whilst she toured through Australia we met up and made magic during the setting sun along the beach line of Port Melbourne.

SbB: When did you know a career in modeling was for you?
DC: Many times. When I was 15 scouters asked me on the streets if I can join their agencies. After I’ve been often asked by photographers directly.

SbB: What genre of modeling do you enjoy most?
DC: I love fashion shoots with other models, I like trashy arty shoots and outdoor.

SbB: How hard is it to be a freelance model, and what challenges do you face?
DC: I take it easy. The biggest challenge every week for me is to not miss the flight, to find my shoot locations and hotels/transportations who allow dogs, because I try to keep her part of my life.

SbB: What are some of the most enjoyable destinations you have visited so far around the world while touring?
DC: Most fun I had in Sydney/ Melbourne. That time was crazy. London and NYC also gave me special memories. When it just comes to good vibes and less wild stories then it was Los Angeles. I felt so good.

SbB: In what circumstances, if at all, do you think nude art photography can be both artistic and also erotic? How do you draw the definition?
DC: When I started modeling I did loads of art nude, but since my tattoos, I’m more into glamour nude. Nude art means to be part of the picture, to complete it like a tree in the garden, whereas erotic means to express emotions but be more impressive and human.

SbB: How many tattoo pieces do you have altogether?
DC: 8, but will finish my arm sleeve very soon.

SbB: What’s the main influence behind your bodywork?
DC: Tattoos are sexy and make you look even more unique.

SbB: What do you think your tattoos say about you?
DC: My tats say that I have an eye, taste, and love the trashy cool look.

SbB: Come the weekend, what’s your favourite thing to do?
DC: Weekdays or weekend, I’m a freelancer, so for me it’s all the same. I never drink so I just wanna have a long dance night, waking up on the beach with my dog.