Introducing DeepSNAKES, the new collaborative AI multimedia literary project from Karina Bush (writer and Fourth Industrial Revolution Slut) and Daniel Harlow (writer and founder of Fugitives & Futurists). Visit our YouTube channel for our first drop: To experience these pieces as intended please ensure you are watching at the highest picture quality possible, if you are accessing the link through Instagram or Twitter you may need to select ‘higher picture quality’.

#HACKREALITY (Karina and Daniel) – join transhumanists KoKo and Danny as they document their search for the fountain of eternal youth on social media:  

Written and produced by Karina and Daniel.

DIONYSUS IN DIGITAL (Karina) – after a long absence, the great god Dionysus finally returns to the world stage, this time battling for dominance on YouTube:  

Written and produced by Karina. Visuals created with AI.

META-MASOCHISM (Daniel) – this Venus is draped not in furs but in fingers. She knows the depth of your depravity and is ready to hold your hand as you explore it together: 

Written and produced by Daniel. Visuals created with AI.

NPC TANKS (Karina and Daniel) – do you want to relieve the pain of existence? Visit this link for more information: 

Written and produced by Karina and Daniel. Visuals created with AI.

Like, share & subscribe! We will be dropping new videos regularly, we have many more in the works. We are in the future now. 

Also follow us on Twitter @DeepSNAKESai where we will be dropping some Twitter-only videos such as CCP TECHNO FUN NIGHTMARE EXPERIMENT in which, thanks to AI, we can show exclusive footage of China’s sperm milking facilities that were recently exposed by Dr. Jordan Peterson. 

Love and light from Karina and Daniel




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