Bradford Middleton

The Wild Times Return 

It was just like one of the old nights,
Those nights of chaos and utter
Derangement.  I got in early and began
My often trudged path to total
Obliteration; beer came in pints and
The whiskey came in doubles and one
Followed the other until I didn’t care
Anymore.  I ventured outside for a 
Much needed smoke, smiling, scanning
The scene of St James’s Street on this
A typical early Friday night.  All 
The usual crazies were around and, as
Usual, felt just like one of them as the 
Smoke takes hold but before too long I 
Got back and inside again, returning
Quickly to my throne, my stool, at 
The bar in my delinquent palace of fun.  
I got back into it until my reflection in
The mirror behind the bar is nothing but
A blur and I know, calling the barman
Over, it’ll be time for just one more.
“A god-damn half-pint but always take
The double,” I tell a blur of a person behind
What I hope is the bar and as they come over
I stand to my feet, drain some of the beer
Before hitting the whiskey all the way down
And before anyone knows it the beer is gone
With me not far behind it, down the road to
The safe sanctuary of my room for a smoke
Enjoying the beauty of sweet oblivion.

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