Anthony Dirk Ray

Woodstock Doc

I recently watched a 
documentary about Woodstock 99
it was appalling how quickly
things got out of control in
regards to the riots and fires
especially after being given
peace candles nonetheless  
I was extremely saddened by the 
blatant groping and fondling of 
young women brave enough to go 
topless or full nude in
front of 400,000 people
300,000 of which being young
white, sex-starved, angry males
think someone who believed “Nookie”
by Limp Bizkit was a good song

then the dismal reality hit –
I was 23 in 1999
a poster child for the 
aforementioned class

so with poignant regret 
I have to admit
if I had been in Rome that weekend
I possibly could have thrown
a propane tank into a fire 
looted a bit or squeezed a 
crowd surfing passerby boob myself 

but as far as the LB…
they lost me after Three Dollar Bill, Y’all

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