Gary Minkler

I’m Not an Astronaut (I’m a Nut)

I am a citizen 
I was born 
in the northwest corner
of these United States

I know I’m not a lot
I’m not even a spot
On the map
and an astronaut
would not know where I am at
Looking down from outer space
he would not see me

But, sitting in my little room
I can see him
he’s on my tv

I‘m using my telephone
I’m making a call
to the president of all
these United States.

I know he’s busy 
but gee
he ought to listen to me
after all I listen to him 
when he talks to me 
on my tv

But he can never hear my call
I guess he’s too big and I’m too small
he can not see me

I’m buying a gun
The gun I’m buying
is a big one
sold in the U.S.

I’m gonna blow a hole
in a famous face
I’m gonna put my face
in that famous place
Then even an astronaut
up in outer space
he would see me

And sitting in there little rooms
others would know who I am
I’d be on their tvs

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