Ken Kakareka

Burned and Damned 

The California Dream 
is burned 
and damned, 
not alive 
and well. 
We’re not fooling 
I’ve been here 
for 10 yrs. now. 
Come splurge 
on a 1 bed, 1 bath 
$500 thousand dollar 
built in the 70’s 
in a shit-ass 
part of town 
where the homeless 
and stray cats 
Come die 
in scathing traffic 
on hell-bent freeways 
where it takes 
1 hr. to travel 
7 miles. 
Come roast 
in frenetic 
forest fires 
or get 
swept away 
with the ghoulish 
Santa Ana winds 
to another place 
that might have 
your “perfect” 
It’s not here. 
It was once, 
But that Dream 
has crumbled 
into rubble, 
shit out 
by Nightmare, 
the replacement 
for his successor – 
The California Dream. 

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