Ken Kakareka

Fuckin’ Pussy Licker 

Fuckin’ pussy licker
I said 
as piss skipped 
down the front 
of my pants 
as I was 
taking a piss. 
As a cockroach 
skittered up 
the wall 
and into 
the cupboard 
before I could 
obliterate him. 
As the clock 
struck 8
and I was late 
to be somewhere.
As my head 
from a migraine
that sprang upon me 
10 minutes earlier 
like an unwelcomed 
As it was 
a week before 
and I realized 
Christmas day 
was going to be 
80 and sunny 
in Fullerton, California. 
As my wife 
snuck up 
behind me, 
bit my ear, 
and squeezed 
my lonjas 
and said, 
Lick my pussy, 

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