Ken Kakareka


I sit in diners 
and write 
poetry, baby – 
it ain’t much. 
And my bank account 
is losing 
which means 
I’m losing 
in this game 
of life 
where everything 
is measured 
by money. 
But there is 
something to be said 
about Perseverance 
when you’re on 
the losing side. 
I won an award 
for Perseverance 
in 8th grade 
and it must’ve 
been telling 
because it is 
the one thing 
that’s stuck 
with me 
no matter what 
my situation 
has been. 
It sits 
on my shoulder 
like a little angel 
keep going, 
you can do this. 
So I listen 
to it, 
trust it 
and write 
this poem.  

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