Jacklyn Henry

to boldly go

Captain Kirk always made me hot
and i desperately wanted him
to fuck me, just as i imagined 
him fucking Mr Spock.

i wanted to be bent over
his Captain’s chair,
on the bridge, Warp speed!
Mr Scott, warp speed!

he would whisper in my ear
as he took me, thrusting hard
and furious, whispering about
the Gorn and Tribbles, and
how i felt better than
Yeoman Rand and Nurse Chapel,
or the green girl from Orion.

we would transport down
to the surface of a strange new world,
make love in a jail cell
after they captured us.
Mr Spock would beam in to save us,
but he caught us joined together, 
his eyebrow would raise,

and i would die in his arms, as red
shirts always die, and no one gets
between Captain Kirk and Mr Spock.

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