Matthew J. Gleason


The flies circled in the sky above like great vultures. Their wings cast shadows on the rust colored sand below. I may be the last person left alive. I hope I am. No one deserves this suffering. I should have given up already but my body wants to live even if my mind does not. I grasped my manhood firmly and begin to masturbate. Pleasure can be an effective if brief distraction.

The flies were not an invading or alien force. It would have been simpler if that was the case. We could fight them and kill them and be done with it. No,they came from us. For years secularism and reason had grown powerful and secure in their hold on the human mind then this all went and fucked it up. Chaos was king again. We were cursed by our own desire. The human orgasm became a tool of human destruction. When it first happened to me I was in the dark of my bedroom playing with my meat. I came with the usual lively joy followed immediately by minor shame. Then I felt them squirming around my lap; flowing like mud through the small folds of my hairy scrotum. I turned on the light. I was covered in two dozen or so tiny white maggots. 

This in the coming days would prove to be a non unique experience. It wasn’t just those with cocks either. The whole human race was producing that vile shit upon each and every orgasm.  The world was overrun with those sticky little bastards in a week. That would have been bad enough. The metamorphoses turned the disgusting into the apocalyptic. The maggots grew large as bears. They walled themselves off in chrysalises for no longer than a few hours.If they were not destroyed by then the creatures emerged as fully formed flies identical in appearance to houseflies save their massive size which in some cases rivaled that of whales. The smallest of  them were larger than horses. They were hateful things. The flies would swoop down and devour animals and people like ripe fruit. 

As I manually pleasured myself I eyed the monstrous flies circling above. They saw me  but there was little urgency in taking my life. I closed my eyes and replayed an orgy I had once attended in vivid detail. I felt the most likely long dead mouth wrap its lips around the base of my cock. The imagination is a wondrous thing. I shuddered in ecstasy as I busted my vile nut. Upon opening my eyes it took a moment to adjust my vision to the blinding light of the sun. When I was able to see the fifty or so tiny worms I had produced squirming in the sand I quickly set to work gathered them into a small pile. “See this you bastards?!” I shouted up to the monsters. They seemed to be flying lower than before. I shoved several maggots into my dry and mostly toothless mouth. They sprayed bitter juice when I crushed them between my bleeding gums. 

Suddenly one of the flies was on  me. It probed at my eyes with its proboscis. Its six limbs engulfed my body. It was vibrating with joy and fluttering its massive semi translucent wings. That’s when I went for the blade I had taped to my side. It was more a broken beer bottle than a blade but for these purposes it might as well have been a magical sword. I stabbed the fucker once. It attempted to tighten its hold on me. I stabbed it three  or four more times, taking care to poke holes in one of its wings. It attempted to fly away and join its brethren which still flew above us. It could do little more than hop like a one legged chicken. I went wild. I no longer used the broken glass. I ripped into it with my bare hands and extracted its innards. They felt cool and soothing against my sunburnt skin. Eventually it stopped moving. I would be eating very good tonight. 

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