Brian Rosenberger

Awful things happen to good people

Car wreck. Cancer. Lightning strike.
Stray bullet. Shark attack. Bee sting.
Eaten by alligators, cats, or some flesh-eating virus,
Or by a neighbor.
You’ve seen the same headlines I have.
You know it’s true.
War. Disease. Natural disaster.
Death by mudslide. Death by Bologna sandwich.
Death by Botox. Death due to shopping.
Why do you think it’s called Black Friday?
Wrong place. Wrong time.
Victim after Victim.
You know it’s all true.
Assuredly, they are all awful things.
But good people…
Assuredly. Probably. More often than not.
But I’ve been around. You’ve been around.
Some of the awful things were, in fact, awful people.
They had it coming. Had it happened sooner
You and I, the good people, or at least us,
Making the attempt would be better off
As would the World.

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