Noel Negele


Sade’s twenty two
and made of fire
with eyelashes 
long enough 
to blow wind on your face
if she blinks close to you

Born in the Bermudas 
but talks like a Jamaican 

I tell her
“You’re my black bitch”
and she slaps me
across the face

When I repeat
my playful insult
she slaps me harder

Am I a masochist?
No, I am not
I am a sadist

I lay Sade on my bed
each night
and she’s fire 
in a cold cold soul

I flip her over 
like chicken breasts
in the burning pan

I suck on her asshole
as if it’s the formula 
that was missing
from when I was a baby

Sade is lust
and mutual bullying,
there’s harmony
in our mutual abuse

Sometimes I don’t know
what she screams at me
her accent is so exotic
but I suckle 
on her chocolate nipples 
on those caramel-coloured breasts 

She says I can’t love 
a black girl,
I’m as white as her bed sheets

I tell her I’m a different kind of white
An Albanian white 

She says she’s Muslim

I tell her I grew up Muslim 
Bektashi Muslim,
I tell her

Allah will strike us both dead
if he happens to see
what I’m about to do to her
this fiery night

She lets me

She lets me 
make a sinner 
of us both 

Under a sky 
empty of anything 
or moral

As we make 
our lustful noise
in a darkness left
from thousands years
of silence from any God,
be it Allah
or Christ
or any other fairytale
people spew on this world
because they were too afraid 
to die
or had the luck of
ever meeting a Sade

Sade is a God killer
even if she believes in God

And she sleeps
in my arms

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