Rachel Simon


The prom queen in her skanky tight dress forgetting tonight she is a Catholic Girl
The steamy windows in the back, virginity escaping. Man conquering the Catholic Girl.

They watch her enter for confession; moldy Priests ready to judge what he longs for
Repent! Repent! On your knees! In five minutes, you can still go to heaven, little Catholic Girl.

Restaurants reek with Lent specials on Friday for those who pretend all week they were good
With his family in tow, he stares at the ass of the young waitress Catholic Girl. 

She will bear all your children and bow to you, her purity belongs to you forever
She has no choice but “yes” never “no” to her drunkard husband.  Always his Catholic Girl.

The beads of the Rosary bust from wear and worry, trickling across the floor, piercing silence
The bride’s shaky hands expecting thunder and lightning. Until death dear Catholic Girl.

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