Robert Fleming

Blonde Pussy of Nashville

Raised my head
Tried to get out of bed
You nudged my hide
You want another ride?
You turned onto your back
I spread your cheeks
I looked deep inside
I made my dive


I’m eatin’ the blonde pussy of Nashville
Much tastier than road kill
Your pussy’s so clean, it shines
Amen, it’s dinnertime
Hmm, you’re a young pussy
You sure are juicy
Your pussy is so sweet
it could feed all of Tennessee

I put on a glove and inserted my pinky
You are my Twinkie
Your chocolate’s on my tongue
Hmm, much richer than dung
Your hairs are stuck in my teeth
I’ll never floss, I won’t cheat
Next time, do an enema first
Black tongue, what is worst?



One day your pussy will turn gray
Don’t worry, that’s O.K. 
One day your pussy will turn white
I’ll still eat you every night
One day, if you shave,
I’ll leave you, that’s all I have to say. 
I want your pussy throughout the years.
Say yes, or it’s tears.


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