Jay Maria Simpson

The Clothed Truth

Something bad just happened to me
and I really threw myself into it

It was the day before yesterday
probably a Sunday
the sky remembered to write to the moon
in fairy floss across the sky
like crimson ribbons floating away
wondering why

The moon seemed happy
whistling a tuneless lullaby
to the remembered future
the forgotten past

To me, it all looked rather joyful, hopeful
The sky doing its thing,
hanging out with the contented moon
I walked home, found you there


I can still hear your pleading prophecy whispering with your déjà vu 
come write with me and be my love and we will all the pleasures prove
try the elixir
suck my blood
I’ll devour your

Music will paint our murals
writing will feed our sacraments
fucking will excite the loving hurting healing

Fly your kite into the abyss

3 thoughts on “Jay Maria Simpson

  1. I love the imagery here, particularly the set-up. The persuasion leading up to the loser in the muck is QUITE nice. thank-you Jay Simpson and the HST crew.

    Liked by 1 person

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