Gwil James Thomas

A Performance Poet

He told me that he was 
a performance poet, 
he had three poems 
under his belt – 
but each one of those 
had been tweaked 
to perfection, 
over a series of 
painstaking months. 

I asked him 
where he’d performed? 

He’d told me that he’d 
visited several places, 
but was looking for 
the right venue. 

I asked him if he’d 
submitted to any journals? 

He told me that, 
that wasn’t really his thing – 
but he’d uploaded several 
videos to instagram 
and then deleted instagram. 

His focus wasn’t really 
on writing new material – 
as he told me,
it was to read his poems 
on the festival circuits to
start making some cash.

A performance artist 
he most definitely was. 

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