Michael Devine


Your semi-liquid remains trickled down from the cross 
Formed pools of black sludge in the cracked dirt

I writhed on the ground before you in pain and disgust 
Your promised return a poem gone to fuck

You spoke of the God inside the pus in your brain 
The Devil that gnawed at the valves of your heart

I sucked your flesh and drank your juice 
You tore at my eyes so I’d be blind to your rot

As they dragged you away your deified 
Face shot me a look as sure as a cock

With cruel bliss they plied me with ant covered 
Snacks and a bedspread of xanax and spikes

Then I knew they had won so with  pleasure and pain 
I spewed up our hate that you called our love 

Now I sit by a chemical lake plastic shovel in hand 
Digging your grave and licking the coal from my heart

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