Ruth Niemiec

We Are All Made Here

The year is 2021
I switch to drinking coffee
and relish in the fact
that lockdown has provided
the opportunity to indulge
in the reclusive life
of a hermit

I always envied J.D Salinger
not only for his literary brilliance but his madness too

Jealous that people said J.D
drank his own urine
Maybe this is what my psychic meant
when she said
“all your dreams will come true”
I’ve never had ordinary dreams
I wonder what they feel like
and do they have a taste

I wonder what it feels like
not to obsess over
long uninterrupted stretches of solitude
and the availability of them
to be enchanted
by every person I meet

I am a triple
fire baby
with nothing to even me out
I will blame it on that

For a sense of community
let’s just say
we are all mad here
all made here

about the coffee

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