Ruth Niemiec

Small Talk

I think you misunderstood
I ordered an oat milk latte
This is clearly a cow’s milk latte

Let me make it clear
I don’t want milk from the bosom
of an animal
of a mammal
Oats suit me just fine
crush them,
pulverise them
mmm make it violent
Yum, yum

I don’t ask for blood transfusions
I want my blood
in my veins
dripping wet gold
on my chains

I think you misunderstood me
Just the coffee beans with oat milk
That’s enough to wake me
from the dread of existence
Take the sleep
from my eyes
Take a hit
that dark blend
and hope that I awake to
motivate myself to
run to work sweating
sit at my desk and say thanks
and yes

I ask my former self
the sperm
why did you swim
so fast
are you punishing me for pain

Sorry mister!
I zoned out, haha
sorry, yes, no, thank you

Yeah, I just prefer oat milk in my lattes
Have a great day

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