Eddie Woods


I am Mary,
mother of the true god
of cosmic adventure
and queen of the libertines.
I give myself to all comers
regardless of race, creed and size of penis.
I am available to women as well as men,
to plants as well as animals.
I fuck for nothing
but freely accept all tokens of appreciation,
negotiable or not.
I have no inhibitions,
there is no form of sex
to which I am not partial.
I will even talk to you over a cup of tea.

I am Mary,
patron goddess of all prostitutes,
the only true saints
humankind has ever known.
They give what others are unwilling to part with,
subject themselves to cruelties
others will not endure
and abide the scorn of their less liberated sisters.
Were all women as free as I,
as unattached to their mythical egos,
as unburdened by likes and dislikes,
as unadorned with vanity
and conditioned notions of the body’s needs,
then harlotry would cease to exist,
never again would desire be exploited.

I am Mary,
loving sister of all men,
provider of all their needs,
destroyer of all their wants.
Having seen with my inner mind
to the very core of all their frustrations,
I have also witnessed
the seeds of their aggressiveness,
the twisted roots of their hardened ambitions.
Sigmund Freud has taught me nothing,
I have learned all by opening my cunt,
exposing my bosom
and allowing the whole world
to massage my heart.
Were all women like me,
no man would need play
his ego-inflating games of seduction
nor sublimate his desires
by seeking to conquer the material world.
I deflate egos by hardening cocks.
I take the wind out of all masculine sails
and recycle its potency as a tantric generator.
By making lust sacred, I make men divine:
true gods never need prove themselves,
they live secure in total self-knowledge.

I am Mary,
anarchist princess of spiritual revolution,
scarlet perpetrator of crimes against ignorance,
debauched ascetic
in a cruel world of self-righteous gluttons.
I am the unprincipled advocate of sexual Tao,
I conquer hate by offering pleasure
and quell violence by permitting pain.
I am an empty well of immortal flesh
within whose depths only love can abide.
I am the golden maiden of carnal alchemy,
transforming all vice into highest virtue.
Because I am God I live without fear.
The devil is not my enemy but my self-created lover,
I embrace his darkness with arms of pure light,
giving human sensations their reward for being.
Live as I do and you shall never die.

I am Mary,
calling all my sisters out of their houses,
all my brothers out of their armies,
all my workers out of their factories,
all my admirers down from their temples,
all my lovers out of their shadows,
all my revilers up from their miseries,
all my ancestors out of their heresies,
all my descendants out of their destinies,
all my dreamers out of their fantasies.

I am Mary
and I am real.

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