Alexandre Alphonse


poetry is moribund
lil peep wrote better than us
meat computer writes better than us
poetry is a lame ass art form
too worn out
rimbaud would be doing something
different today i promise you

i wish i made fashion
8th art
or video games
9th art
even better
90’s video games
or hypermodern trap
or post anti folk
but u r stuck with me for a bit
if u still want to be that is
i am stuck with me, being me,
for ever and ever and ever ever ever.

how to be cool after van gogh, basquiat, modigliani,
rimbe, nick drake, césar aira, duchamp, alfred jarry,
manuel antonio, kafka, pessoa,
rosalía de castro, cervantes…
and the sky
and the sea
and the deeply rooted trees.

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