Dan Cuddy

Vampire Wine

The label read “Vampire”
“A merlot as sweet as blood”
But blood’s not sweet
Just the heart’s thing to pump
And if it is sucked out
The heart is low and dry
A tough squeeze and cry

The story:
Love drinks wine
Gets intoxicated
Chit-chats lotsa shit
Bits of bric-a-brac
Cool conversation
Masking the heat
Beneath the clothes
That want to come off
And lie like a heart
Body sucked out
A pudding without the pud

Love toasts itself
Two vampires
In the bite of night
Screeching like bats
Growling like wolves
Two moaning carcasses
Without a mind

Love has drama

The “ever after”
An empty bottle
With just a label

Romantics are monsters

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