damion snow


i can show up at your address
with a mask and duct tape
probably a crowbar to break in
and for my killing tool
i’d use my hands
but i don’t want to choke you

if i were gonna kill you i’d want
it to be that personal and that violent
but not so abrupt and
i’d like to be more raw

maybe i could stick my hands in your mouth
gripping both sets of teeth
and just push.

push with all my might till your jaw
separates and the skin tears
leaving your neck exposed
blood gushing everywhere

then i’d grab the tongue and pull
and pull until it snapped out

maybe explore the rest of your organs
i mean, the blood loss you’ve suffered
by this point your dead
but the rest of this isn’t about
shock factor or sexual release
it’s about exploration

a sense of wonder
to hold an appendix sack
in your palm.

all these little cogs
we’re comprised of

so very sensitive

and then i’ll put it all back together again
into a big mountain of pure carnage

i’m not an engineer
so i take many liberties
in this stage of conduct

and this
is the painting i made for us

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