Anna O

Good Ol’ Times

Of course
I’ve had good times,
I told him,
squizing my brain
for a given memory
While wiping my chapped lips 
with the back of my hand
Booze and bullshit spilled
from my misaligned jaw

It starts like this:
You grab a bottle of wine
and your favorite dolls 
Going off to dabble
in the dark arts

This I can say,
I’ve had much fun
most of which i sadly
don’t remember at all

But i can tell you,
for example,
about the feeling of lying down
in a field of sunflowers,
as magnificient 
as a Van Gogh painting

Or swimming naked in the rain
upon a murky lake
My man watching me enraptured
as the reeds lightly whip
my bareskin butt
He’s too afraid to jump in
(of something entering his meatus)
Funny, isn’t it?
I sure thought so

I know this isn’t wishful thinking
’cause I’m not much of a romantic
But man, these pills fucked me up

What about trying ice skating
for the first time totally drunk 
because some dude had his birthday 
and he wanted to surprise me
We even went to play pool
with a swinger couple after

I realized that night
I sucked balls

And yet, my very likely best nights
Come as axes to my skull
and the fuckening steeps somewhere
between the second and third bottle
Balls-in is always a good idea

My strongest memories though
fall between arousal and horror

Like the image of some guy
Can’t even remember his name
Washing his face 
with my blood
after fucking me hard
in the vintage chair
of a run-down Belgrade
hotel room

I think,
his magic mushrooms 
had gone bad, but
his sphincter was quite mighty

It happens to fall 
and break your nose
when you drink from
green bottles offered free 

Me, I’m lying in my piss
in a university bathroom
Which, to be honest, seems kinda odd 
and not much my style anyway

More like a fistful of shit 
from a trans Russian’s ass
and more good ol’ times
yet to come

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