Johnny Scarlotti

a poem for all the dads out there

it was summertime 
she told me she was a virgin 
i went over to her house 
in the kitchen 
she gave me a cherry
with all 10 of my fingers 
i popped it 
it gushed 
she walked up to me
got on her knees 
took my fingers in her mouth 
her dad walked in on us 
what the fuck he said
i had to leave
he said that kind of stuff is not allowed in my house, son 
i told him not to call me son, dad
he said don’t call me dad, boy 
as i walked out the front door 
i turned back and said 
ok old man
he came after me 
he started wrestling me on his front lawn 
my girl 
she was screaming 
stoppit dad!
he had me in a deeep headlock 
tap! he said 
i could feel myself losing consciousness 
but i could feel his strength weakening 
stoppit ur hurting him my girl screamed
but i gave her the thumbs up 
i got out of the headlock 
i told her watch this 
and i belly to belly suplexed him 
and he went unconscious

and ever since then 
she called me daddy

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