Jeffrey Zable

Me and My Vagine

I was walking with my vagine when a man stopped me and said, 
“Oh, what a lovely vagine! Do you mind if I pet it?” 

Looking at his face, I could tell he was a decent fellow 
though his expression seemed a bit anxious.

“Sorry to say no,” I answered gently but firmly. 
“I used to let people pet my vagine, but too many of them–
mostly men–have done so in a manner that made my vagine 
feel very uncomfortable.”

Obviously disappointed, the man looked down at my vagine 
and said in a sorrowful tone, “I perfectly understand.
I once had a beautiful vagine like yours, but then. . . 
well, it’s a very sad story. I’ve tried to get on with my life 
but it hasn’t been easy. Whenever I see one like yours, 
it always reminds me. . .”

Feeling sympathy for the guy, I was just about to reverse my decision
when I suddenly remembered that I’d heard the same story before.
After wishing him well, me and my vagine continued on our way. . .

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