Chris Vola

Meme Lord 

give us a like dear 
the body gets no rest 
behind this swelling glass abscess 
and next week’s podcast 
the one you blocked 
because something else 
more than remembrances 
makes fuckboys go mad with flesh 
buried in mute drama
swallowed in listless indolence 
& belched content 
babies doing the worm on coffins 
tear-suckling athletes 
extreme sushi fatigue 
& glorified misfortunes
you’re trying to feed something 
i.e. everlasting war 
on my behalf (ha!)
the photoshop blasts 
your attention to ruin
(rejoice & click the link!) 
(rejoice & click the link!)
(rejoice & click the link!)
simple pleasures rule America 
I want to slit you 
like a mouthless equestrian 
brandishing lollipops 
a kitten’s tongue 
scraping your eyelids black 
the symmetry of underfed youth
unfollowed & obliterated 
put this cis dick on repeat
keep it alive by gripping 
tell me it barely exists
in your thumbnail
that you’ll never visit 
my page again 
(ohfuckohfuckohfuck yes)
or whatever 
deal with it
make me the brand ambassador
of loneliness 
a vessel of joy & feminine brutality 
spewing stock character macros 
with limited engagement 
confined bodies sliding
into non-physical adventure
these prisons sanitized 
for memorable hints
of a larger void 
i.e. the real authenticity 
of our passions 
my dying will be etched in screenshots 
enraptured by a city of DMs 
& unfiltered sunsets 
forever convinced that newsfeeds 
are superior to genius 
drifted to sleep mode 
i.e. a real tragedy will always 
get mucho hits 
hate to say I told you but
those buried hours
this surfeit of pain 
a carpal fog inflamed 
thick in every direction
when night is not night 
& intellect is pantomime 
strangled in self-interest
the browsing starts anew
& we contain 

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