Joseph Fulkerson

Steady as She Goes

Rise and shine
Part your hair on the left
Make sure to brush and floss
No cavities will be tolerated
Don’t want to get the dreaded

Hide your tattoos
Tuck in your shirt
and stop slouching

Eat your greens
Do your homework
Pay your taxes
Go to church

Get married and settle down
Your upside down mortgage 
not withstanding
The kiddos will need a college fund
Don’t forget the employer-matched
401k up to 6%

Embrace the two-party system
your choices being: 


It’s the same choice regardless;
death by a thousand cuts, or
a thousand little compromises

Don’t rock the boat
Keep one foot in front of the other

Careful not to say anything 
too progressive
too conservative

Wouldn’t want to make waves
make anyone feel uncomfortable

It would be a shame to tarnish 
your spotless record of never
having anything to add

Right down the middle
Keep it between the lines

You can’t hold an opinion 
so controversial 
as to upset the order of things
People may think you’ve gone 
and taken a side

You need to keep them guessing 
as to what you stand for
if anything at all

Once as a young boy 
There were two girls that liked me
both named Sarah
They called me on the telephone
asking which Sarah I liked the best
They told me I had to choose

Make one girl happy
make one cry
I was damned either way

So I chose
and have been choosing 
the wrong Sarah
ever since

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