Daniel S. Irwin


Well, we all look for a betterment in life,
Mainly an increase of income.
No doubt about it, ya need bucks to survive.
Workin’ for the man ain’t gonna make you rich.
Workin’ for yourself is where the money’s at.
Took some accounting classes,
Studied up on personnel management,
Looked into the lives of the rich and famous.
Gotta get the knowledge, it ain’t all from college.
Researched the market and I’m ready to go.
Sure wasn’t makin’ nothin’ as the preacher man.
That’s why I gave up the pulpit, packed away the collar,
And set out on my latest career endeavor.
I just need a wire coat hanger, a good bottom bitch,
And to keep my reference manual handy,
Yup, never know when I might need to refer back
To my Iceberg Slim’s: Pimp, The Story of My Life.

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