Daniel S. Irwin

The Reason I Do The Shit I Do

The real reason I do the shit I do
Don’t have nothin’ to do with reason.
I ain’t no Albert fuckin’ Einstein.
The political science geek swore
That Karl and Gracho were not brothers.
He’s just another puckin’ liar like
That Nazi cop with radar up his ass.
My bad, I might have made a good Nazi.
Maybe not….
I ain’t much into blind obedience
And racial purity is just hype bullshit
Proven by the variety of pussy I’ve enjoyed.
Some of the free thinkin’est people
Are those dedicated winos hangin’ out
Down behind the train station.
When they get juiced up,
They spout words of wisdom
Mumbled from toothless mouths
Talkin’ in riddles like ancient oracles.
“Father bless,” I say to the
Sanctified priest.
“Fuck off,” his reply.

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