Damion Hamilton

All the Asses

On my feed
Tits and ass
Bored and hurting
Scrolling through my phone
On Saturday

Wishing time would slow
Against the coming
Of next week
So I think of tits and asses
And they come
Through my phone
All the tits and ass
Of Instagram

Brown tits, white tits,
Yellow tits, green tits
All the tits and asses
Skinny asses, fat asses
Firm asses, soft asses
Ass that make a man
Be like woah

I remember way back when
Asses weren’t so popular
Now so many women
Show them off for the camera
At home and out in public
Even at the gym
Lifting weights in pursuit
Of better asses

So many asses
With attached smiling faces
This must be what I want
Cos it’s all that’s in my feed
My excitement grows
And grows with each new pic

One ass
Two ass
100 asses
1,000 asses

All the Asses

And all the breasts as well
Big breasts, small breasts
Firm breasts, soft breasts
Heavy breasts on older women
I remember one with breasts
Down to her knees

Two breasts
Four breasts
400 breasts
4,000 breasts

All those goddamn titties
All those pairs of breasts
And that’s on top of
All the asses

Did I forget the legs
So many varied legs
Thin legs, thick legs
Long legs, short legs
Black legs, white legs
All those different legs
Like woah

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