Sharks and Butterflies, By John D Robinson


Sharks & Butterflies
John D Robinson
100 pages, Cajun Mutt Press



We were talking about butterflies and
how some species migrate over thousands
of miles annually, moving up to
speeds of 30mph and riding the
swirling thermals and
forceful winds.
‘The power and intelligence of
these delicate creatures can be
comparable to that of the
great white shark’ I said.
He smiled widely and nodded his
head slowly: we were stoned on
potent hash and Valium,
our eyes mere slits,
our throats dry
our minds and bodies
saturated with a heavy
peacefulness that made
discussing the beauty and
wonder of butterflies and
sharks in the same breath as
something quite natural
as then, the silent t.v.
screened pictures of the
horrific aftermath of a
suicide bombing in the beating
heart of a market somewhere
in the world.



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