Maté Jarai

Everything is ironic
when i’m drunk
so i should always be

I’m a little drunk
and feeling ignored
“why don’t you care?”
I’m unhealthy
pitiful, scared of
the Hans Zimmer
soundtrack that’s
quiet suddenly –
low eerie notes
I was after epic
“Death, is that you?”
Typing loud
Macbook the only light
“my friend, friend, friend”
a blue pillar of stars
fuzzy like the air in here
rich like my wine
“slur your ideas, fool”
drink more
suck on some more
fizzy unexpectedly
like my words this night
like my feelings today
Woke up unsure
now I’m aching
I blame the rain
the wine made it Ok
I walked through
said rain to get it
poetic somehow
ironic too, I guess
like fighting an enemy
that is also your hero
or even your mother
or your friend;
birther, saviour, companion
and the potential to be
your fucking end.

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