Anthony Dirk Ray

Too Soon?

headed to get groceries
and run errands with my wife
I notice the gargantuan flag
at Camping World, where they
sell recreational vehicles
is at half mast

this flag is the biggest
that I have ever seen

I ask my wife
“what happened,
why is that flag at half mast?”

she doesn’t know
she hasn’t heard anything
I haven’t been keeping up
with the news lately myself

we get our groceries
and on the ride home
get to the intersection
of 59 and 90 where roughly
thirty flags fly on poles
and none of those
are at half mast

then it dawns on me that maybe
nothing had happened at all

maybe the workers at the r.v. place
are just too lazy to lift that
heavy ass goddamn flag
and to justify their said laziness
assume another mass shooting
will happen soon enough

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