Mendes Biondo

Talented People And Those Who Prefer Paradise

I knew a young man once
we passed a lot of time
in the same room

we lived together
but nothing sexual
we both ate pussies
like they were bread

I knew a young man once
I said
and he was just
the best writer
that I’d ever 


a writer with balls
or at least he had balls
when he wrote
in real life
he was more
a broom

I’m sure he will succeed
in writing I mean
and I hope
he will do it

writing stuff on social media
putting your fucking face
in front of a camera
at 5 a.m.
while you’re dying inside
and the whole world
out there is a mess
is what I call

he was able to spend
the whole night
joining parties
here and there
he was a social beast
while I’m just a bear
that prefers to 
have sex
and get drunk alone
instead of listening
to stupid speeches

I always preferred to die
in my own paradise
made of naked boobs
and the moonlight
shining on my
naked balls

I don’t have any
kind of talent
to be sincere
but I’m safe and sound
and that is enough
for me

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