Scott Manley Hadley

talking to a friend about our polyamorous friends

One of our friends says
‘They will end up as killers,
Like Fred and Rose West,
This is how they started.’

In shock at his words and the venom with which he says them,
I tell him that Fred West used to eat onions as if they were apples,
A fact I heard on a podcast.

But the friend continues his disapproval
And says
Over and over and over again
‘Well, me and my girlfriend
Aren’t bored
Of fucking each other.’

I do not think
My bisexual polyamorous friends
Are bored of fucking each other
I think they are so
By sex
They want more of it.

Fred and Rose West
Had a homemade neon sign saying “cunt” above their bed.
They lived in Bristol.
They were good at DIY.

They are nothing like my
Middle Class
West London

Is not
A moral failing.

Killing people

But if we’re getting Catholic about it,
Envy’s just as bad as lust.

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