Stare Down The Gods, by Adrian Manning

Stare Down The Gods

Stare Down The Gods
By Adrian Manning
Holy&intoxicated Publications

Adrian Manning is a UK poet whose work has appeared in print and online the globe over:  his voice is sincere and delicate and he is a poet who is unafraid to let the pen scratch the truth into paper. Manning writes with a resonance that permeates humanity and its flaws and beauty and has the ability to knock you into next week with just a few lines. He has published over 20 chapbooks, he has established a strong presence in the small press for the past two decades, and ‘Stare Down The Gods’ is a testament to this respected well-deserved reputation. For Holy&intoxicated Publications, it is with a sense of honour and excitement to release this collection. If you are familiar with Manning’s work, this book is a must-have, and if you are unfamiliar with his work, then this is a must-have book.  — JDR

Paypal £5:00 / $5:00 plus p&p to

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