Talking Shit and Doing The Funky Chicken

Marcel Herms talking shit cover

Holy&Intoxicated Publications is pleased to announce “Talking Shit and Doing The Funky Chicken”, the latest from John D. Robinson and Catfish McDaris!

Cover art by Marcel Herms

Kindly PayPal £5 or 5€ plus £2/2€ p&p (North America: $5 plus $3 p&p) to: for your copy.


Big Asshole
Catfish McDaris

Porterhouse waited for Toni to get
Her first wax job, she finally drove up.
“How did it go?”
“It wasn’t too bad, feel my face.”
“Nice and smooth, how much?”
“$32 plus a $7 tip.”
“Damn, $39. How often are you suppose
to go? Every other month. They should
do your entire body for that price.”
Toni threw her hands up in the air
exacerbated. She gave Port the mean
eye, then grabbed the phone. “Is this
The Wax Hive? Do you do assholes,
because my man is a big one?”


Not Wanted
John D. Robinson

We arrived at the police station,
we stank of a 4 day riot of booze,
hash and assorted outlawed
drugs and we were in no mood
to be fucked-about with:
‘Let me see now’ said the
front-desk officer, looking
down at some paperwork:
‘And who are you in relation?’
he asked:
‘I’m his son’ I replied, my
friend was still incapable
of speech and stood smiling:
‘Okay and you’re going to
take him home, out of our
town and back to his
own town’ he asked:
‘Yes sir’ I barked:
15 minutes later he was
released without charge,
he was singing lines from
‘Folsom Prison’ as he
shadow-boxed his way
into the streets of a
town he wasn’t
wanted in.

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