Joseph VanBuren

She Visits When I Am Vulnerable

In moonless night
I feel her
mounting me,
straddling me with warm thighs,
laying her sex upon mine.
Hands on my chest.
I expand in the places she touches,
breathing deeper,
heart beating faster
under her stroke.
Both hands reach out
into the darkness
and contour her curves
until I have two handfuls of ass.
She begins to grind
against my diamond shaft.
I exhale my pleasure,
leaning my head back.
My hands slide up her back
and eventually find her
She bites,
teeth sinking into the meat of my neck.
Despite the lack of pain
I try to scream,
but my mouth opens so slowly
no sound comes out. Only blood,
pouring from the wound,
coating me with warmth,
drowning me in the ecstasy
of inescapable agony,
a slow-motion symphony,
tantric in this lucid limbo.
And finally,
after four lifetimes of impending doom,
I open my eyes and

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