Meeah Williams

Secret Diary of A Future Sex Crime Victim

I listen closely
to the hair dryer;
it tells me things.

Things I can’t repeat.

I lie in bed, face blank
as a slice of white bread
in the dark.

I try to visualize
a sentence
that cracks the ceiling.

If I didn’t know
you could snap my neck
like a sparrow’s
how would I ever get off?

Sometimes I like to mouth
a pacifier
while being fucked
in the ass.

A certain light I love
will fall through hemlocks
into a bedroom
at 3pm.

Sometimes I imagine
my throat cut
at the moment of orgasm.

I want to be dead, tied,
wrapped in white,
lying in a rowboat
my lover rows to sea.

6 thoughts on “Meeah Williams

  1. This piece is excellent!
    I love it!
    I love you, Meeah!

    And in case anyone’s wondering: no, I see no reason for aversion, or loathing. Lots of women feel like this, and I applaud Meeah for getting it out there, and in such a sexy fashion.



    1. Well, now we know that she’s fucked in the head and that your a sexually depraved freak! I think the FBI should pay attention to this site!


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