Marc Carver


When I got on the train
the man was talking
on his phone
and I knew
that he would
still be talking
when I reached
my stop in
fifty minutes.

He was mostly
talking about Bob.

“Yea he’s okay but you know”
he said in a way
that only people
who are used
to talking

He is still talking now
perhaps he never stops
so long as he
has someone
to listen.

My mother would say
he could talk the legs
off a donkey.

This guy could talk the legs
off of thousands.

As I thought about this
I pictured him in a field
with a long queue
of donkeys
and a big pile
of donkey legs
at his feet.

He got off at
Clapham Junction
still talking
and once again
I could see him
in that field.


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