Adam Schirling

the art of false emotion

Very few people these days
Understand the fine art form
Of the erotic dancer
Radical right wingers
Will sneer and call them whores
While calling for the Christ-god
Bleeding heart liberals
Will cry and blame society
And its illness
Housewives will warn sons
About such women
Citing herpes and drugs
Father will nod in agreement
Then sneak away to see themselves
These drugged and diseased beasts
The mouth breathers around the stage
See huge glitter covered fake tits
And a shaved pink pussy dripping
And more makeup than a clown
And a shiny pole
Like a beacon for hardons
And they grunt
And yell
And fantasize
About these women
But I see it deeper
I sit there with my 8 dollar drink
And stack of George Ws
And see inside
I look beyond the fake blowjob
And winks and kisses
I see the clever pain under
The false emotions gleaming
I see the brilliant genius behind
This cunning cunt
She is not the victim my friends
We are


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