James D. Casey IV

Onomatopoetic Supervillain Junkie

Confessions of an
Unredeemed drug addict
Whose name shall not be mentioned

Screaming onomatopoetic imitations
Sinking dirty syringes
Into floppy celery veins
Pretending to be a shitty knock
Off Supervillain Junkie
Is the highlight of my day




Junk gives you superpowers
It turns you from
Invisible Man to
Retarded Tortoise

It even cums
With its own cape

I got this star tattoo
Right on my sweet spot
So I can always aim the needle
For my honey hole


Been from Florida to
California and
Never found a better
Lover than this laconic
Shit’s better than hot and heavy
BBW sex smeared in
Pumpkin Pie
It’s got all the




I’ll ever need
And she don’t talk back

The perfect supervillain

Everybody’s searching for that
Special somebody
They just don’t realize her
Name is Dope
I tell ya



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