Tyler Gates

Love At First Sight

This is it, what all those songs and movies are always talking about. There is no doubt in your collapsing heart, this is love at first sight.

Your eyes run the length of her body, savoring her from head to toe, and as they do you gently run your fingers through her thick, red hair.

Focusing on her eyes, you begin to drift away as you stare longingly into them. They flow into yours and back into themselves for what feels like the most agonizing eternity. You could dedicate your entire existence to simply gazing through them and still not experience a fraction of the beauty they struggle to contain.

Her skin is white and almost seems to glow beneath the bright halogen light. Your roaming fingers stop at every mole, scar, and freckle along the way, mesmerized by the lifetime’s worth of stories you know they each could tell.

As she lies perfectly still, you can’t help but be drowned by the oceans she contains. What a suffocating torrent she is.

Love has always been foreign to you, something heard and read about but never truly understood. Now though, you simply can’t imagine life after her mountains have crushed your pitiful soul to pieces. Here and now, she is yours. The hair on the back of your neck stands up as you gently write:


upon her belly with your latex-gloved finger.

Just then, a nurse enters the room, interrupting you both to ask:

“Doctor, is the body prepped for autopsy yet?”

“Just give me a few more minutes, please.”

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