Rob Schackne

A Little Misunderstanding

The last war on Disneyland started when
Mary Poppins let off a few angry rounds…
Micky dives for cover, Minnie grabs an M-16
The tourists head for Goofy (lost it completely)
They then circle back around to Yosemite Sam
Let’s send all these varmints to tarnation!
Elmer Fudd quickly hands out his rifle collection
Daffy (in his element) looks for better defilade
Beep-beep says Roadrunner this one’s for you asshole!
Heckle and Jeckle are conducting some aerial reconn
Unca Donald’s ducks-in-diapers guerrillas move out
(Pop-eye and Olive Oyl are taking care of the kids)
Then Tweetie Pie and Sylvester, uneasily engaged
Suspend their misery and détente and get cracking
Put down an RPG on the enemy flank (for once exposed)
Uncle Scrooge is furious at his helicopter throttle
The tourists rally forces and overcome the rebels
Bugs Bunny emerges from his bunker singing.

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