John Patrick Robbins

A Parting Note

She was gorgeous in every way.
A beautiful woman no matter your mood
was always a sight to behold.

She paid no attention to anyone in the bar.
There was too much already cast upon her
for her to waste any upon another.

I just kept drinking cause after all
that’s what true drunks do.

But still I viewed the scene
and admired one of the Lord’s best damn creations.

The sharks swarmed and beautiful women
are seldom alone for long.

She had two dudes on either side of her in seconds.

She didn’t pay for shit after that.
You had to admire someone who could walk in a bar
not spend a dime
and catch a buzz.

Something tells me even Brad Pitt himself
would still have to pick up his own tab.

They sat there a while playing the game.
I knew neither would find success.

It went on a while till half the bar was gone.
The two guys tried every line and stupid joke
in the book.

Eventually she stood up
and simply walked out the door.

The two guys looked at one another
ordered yet another round.

One looked at the other, saying,

“Jesus Christ dude, did you fart!”

“Fuck you, it wasn’t me!”

The other one quickly replied.

It was just then it hit the two of them.

No matter how good a person looks,
Everyone’s shit stinks.

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