‘Sad Discoveries’ by India LaPlace

I’m excited to announce that I had my first chapbook published by Analog Submission Press! I’ve been writing since I was a little girl and it’s always been a creative outlet that has kept me sane throughout my tumultuous childhood – it has helped me grow through every rough patch life has thrown at me and has been therapy when I had none. Being involved with Horror Sleaze Trash has grown my confidence in my writing immensely and I owe so much to the influence of HST and our Editor-in-Chief, Arthur Graham. Not only has it helped to build my confidence in my writing, but it has encouraged me to be more honest and vulnerable – to worry more about being open about my experience and thoughts, instead of worrying about hurting feelings or being “politically correct”. I also had the opportunity to work with John D. Robinson in putting this little collection together. He helped me make the final selection of poems, format everything, worked with me on a title (which is something I’m so bad at – also, shout out to Angels and Airwaves, which, in the end, inspired the title with their song ‘Anomaly’), put the cover together for me, and got in contact with Marc Bruseke at ASP about publishing my poetry. John is an incredibly talented writer who I have immense respect for and whose work I love very much so to be able to work with him was such an honor for me.

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of this collection, you can find it here. There is a limited run of 25, so if you miss out, send me a message and maybe I can get you a copy for cheaper or free in exchange for a review!


India LaPlace is a poet from the USA and is co-editor of the sensational Horror Sleaze Trash: This is her debut collection: Hold on tight.

Said John D. Robinson on ‘Sad Discoveries’: “It looks fantastic! The usual great job from Marc. Well done! And I think you should feel proud of this book – the best debut collection I have read in a long time. The poems are what we are made of: flesh, blood, bones, emotions. Raw and honest. These works don’t shy away where many would. I can’t wait to get a copy and thank you for your words. It was a pleasure to play a part. Keep writing and roll a fat one. I’ll raise many a glass tonight for Sad Discoveries!”

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